Data & ICT

Data are a pain. Data don’t became a gain until you know what you can do with them and whether they are ‘fresh’. Clever analysis and subsequently adjusting your marketing strategy, that is what makes all the difference.

There are numerous possibilities to address your target group. Personalised, online or offline, or all of them combined. Together with our partners, we can manufacture all of these project elements in-house, including mailing. Our expertise lies in the combination of marketing strategy, concept, perfectly timed cross-media direct mail and production quality, while maintaining this quality during dispatch.

Scanning & archiving
Our hybrid solution simplifies the processing of large quantities of invoices to be paid and other standardised business documents. You benefit from considerable savings in time and costs.

Service Bureau Jansen receives and processes incoming documents and provides them in the required format directly to our customer’s electronic systems, like ERP.

We take information security very seriously, which is hardly surprising given the large quantities of confidential data we deal with on a daily basis. Our network is made up of subnetworks that manage to keep out unauthorised traffic, using firewalls equipped with up-to-date security software.

  • The subnetwork used for print production services does not have access to external sources such as the Internet.
  • Data traffic between the customer and us is only possible through secured customer-specific connections.
  • Printers are driven by secure IPDS printing software.
  • Data are exchanged through SFTP or VPN.
  • All production flows are standardised and transparent.  Data integrity and data and production security are guaranteed.
  • Visitors are subject to strict registration rules and employees have a personal identification key. A detailed ISMS presentation is available at your request.