Print & Mail

Service Bureau Jansen is proud of more than sixty years of expertise.  We have the equipment, the partners and the professionals to produce your print campaign with the highest possible level of effectivity, quality and sustainability.

Direct Marketing combined with Direct Mail (print/online combo) is a tried-and-tested tool that gets good response rates.

An attractively designed DM, combined with online response options, shows that you invest time and attention in your customers. It costs a little more, but it will result in loyal customers.

This means that one process manages multiple channels or media. Service Bureau Jansen uses GMC Inspire Software, which allows managing print, email, transaction documents, social media, mobile devices and text messages. The same message, at the same time, but specifically targeted at the recipient’s source and media needs. In this way, you can have your customers’ customers receive the message tailored to their needs.

Transaction mail (digital or paper)
Processing and sending ‘sensitive’ documents in a completely controlled and secure way. In transaction mail, every effort is made to ensure that processes are safeguarded in such a way that only the right documents for the right persons end up in an envelope or email attachment. Examples are:

  • Policies, uniform pension statements, account statements, tax assessments, pay slips and annual statements.
  • We can provide documents with acceptance giro forms. Service Bureau Jansen is certified by Currence for both electronically creating and imprinting acceptance giro forms.

In consultation with you, we safely download data and then process and destroy these data. If you wish, we can store the documents produced in digital form in a cloud environment.

Print-on-demand  technology makes keeping stock unnecessary and ensures that all products printed for you are always up-to-date. No more outdated brochures to throw away, resulting in sustainable and cost-effective business practices.

Finishing a piece of mail or document should not have zero priority. We are happy to advise on the right choice of finish and a suitable envelope. Especially when various sizes are involved or when there is a ‘bulge’ in the envelope, it is important to choose an envelope that will ‘survive’ production and transport. The overall picture of online and offline products should be just right and serves as a calling card to your customers.