Promotional marketing support

Our Response Management System allows you to see where the sales and transactions are taking place. This means that you know exactly where your customers come from, allowing you to adjust your marketing strategy, based on up-to-date insight.

Promotional campaigns boost sales, but handling them is complex. We offer a worry-free, efficient solution that gives you real-time access to their progress and success.

Service Bureau Jansen is your reliable partner in building promotional sites for the dispatch of premiums, voucher codes, cash back requests, and all other shipments.

Predicting & Anticipating
Knowing what goes on in your customers’ companies and catering to their individual needs is what determines the success of marketing activities. That is our forte. Service Bureau Jansen carefully records all data, with attention to detail. Our accurate data reports help you gain insight into your customers. Together, we will put these client data to effective use.

Analyse & Respons
Measuring results and planning proper follow-up. Much depends on proper analysis, namely the success of the next campaign. We will gladly use our many years of experience to advise you during this process.