How SBJ helped BMW to save time, money and printing costs

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BMW has more than 50 dealerships in the Netherlands: a giant in the automotive sector. As such, it requires a gigantic logistics process to keep all dealerships stocked with the right promotional materials, leaflets and brochures - in the right quantities.
Previously, printing was mostly done in large batches, but in the future, BMW wants to focus mainly on efficiency, sustainability and ‘tailor-made’ solutions in the form of Print on Demand. The challenge here was to unite the new distribution process and the existing work process used by the employees. SPACE32 offered the solution.


An automated system for monitoring printed materials

Printing advertising materials only when needed: it sounds logical, but it is more difficult than it seems. After all, it is not a given that a constant and structured overview of all requests is available at all times. To simplify this issue, BMW approached SPACE32 for a customised solution. In essence, the idea is very simple: by automatically linking requests from the BMW sales departments to the SBJ Warehouse Management System (WMS), printing can be done in smaller batches and delivered faster. Employees can order exactly those materials they need, and only these items are printed and supplied.


A new portal, the same familiar 'look and feel'

Appart developed an internal order portal where every possible promotional resource was made available to the affiliated branches, just like a ‘real’ webshop. However, the arrival of this portal would also change a significant element of the existing work process. This meant it was important that the employee would feel instantly at home in the online environment; it had to align with BMW’s existing corporate and visual identity. As such, we lavished a lot of extra attention on their user experiences - after all, the system is there for the benefit of the employees.

The comprehensive solution: An on demand and sustainable printing process

SBJ worked together with Appart to organise the complete fulfilment of the customer’s requirements: from the moment the order is placed, SBJ handles every step of the delivery process. From printing to delivery: BMW can trust our results without having to worry about anything at all. The result is a sustainable and innovative printing process and an efficient workflow. The right materials are produced and shipped with just one touch of a button. Custom printing materials, both in volume and design: SPACE32 offers ultimate freedom.