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Check your stock, sales or campaign status

SBJ uses advanced systems to provide you with insight into the status of your orders and marketing campaigns. In the past, SBJ decided to develop and manage these systems entirely in-house, due to the fast-changing market and the flexibility and service level you may require. All systems can also be linked to virtually any programme and database of external suppliers. This is how SBJ can offer indispensable insight and information.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The SBJ Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps you to optimise the management of your stock, products and orders in our warehouse. The system also offers insight into the incoming and outgoing flows of goods, stock levels, and all logistics processes involved.

Reponse Management System (RMS)

The SBJ Response Management System (RMS) supports your organisation in the creation, management, registration and validation of all sorts of online consumer promotions. RMS also offers a variety of applications for analysis, reporting, and marketing.

FTP Manager

The SBJ FTP Manager facilitates safe data transfers and document processing, enabling you to send your text and media files for assignments or projects to SBJ in accordance with the GDPR guidelines.