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Bart Jansen

Our way of doing business

Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ) has a personal way of doing business. Quite logical really, because it is a family business. Although a large number of SBJ employees have worked for us for years, we are also keen to work with young people and recruit new staff because that enables us to continue innovating.

All our employees are loyal to SBJ and to our clients − like one big family. We feel responsible for the work that we do and keep our promises. A deadline is a deadline, a deal is a deal. We are constantly searching for the most efficient way of working, while focusing at all times on the client's objective, as well as on quality.

We are also honest and tell our clients if something cannot be done. This is more helpful to you than a bureau that jumps through all kinds of strange hoops, with the only result being extra cost items on the invoice. SBJ makes sure that you, the client, are not confronted by any nasty surprises. That is one of our core values!

Our vision of good employer practices

Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ) regards good employer practices as one of the most important elements of the way it does business. SBJ wants its employees to feel good about themselves and wants them to know that they can keep developing whenever this is necessary and desirable. With this in mind, personal development interviews are regularly held and these provide a basis for SBJ to make plans for the future together with the employee. Inspiring and motivating is the ideal way to engage employees in the business and to enable them to develop tactics and strategies in a proactive way which contributes to achieving SBJ's objectives.

Applying for jobs at SBJ

If our way of doing business appeals to you and you are looking to take a new step in your career, then SBJ may be the place for you. Please feel free to check out the vacancies.

Make sure you read up enough beforehand so that you know whether you fit in with our corporate culture. Is our vision and mission also your vision and mission? Do you have our core values in your DNA? If so, we would be pleased to receive your application and CV.

Speculative letters of application

If there are currently no vacancies, or not a suitable one for you, you can always send us your details and a speculative letter of application. When you do so, please indicate what kind of job you aspire to, what you are looking for in the job in question and why you think you are indispensable to Service Bureau Jansen. We look forward to hearing from you!

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