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Bart Jansen

Marketing, (after) sales & fulfilment

Difference between online and offline, digital or paper? We make no difference. Everything is so interconnected that we have made all communication disciplines our core business. Multi-channel, cross-channel, omni-channel: you ask – we act. But never without thinking.

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What can Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ) do for you?

SBJ arranges your cash-back or cash & refund campaigns, stock management, transport, data management, invoicing, print work, order entry, direct mail, follow-up, promotional marketing, data management & implementation. SBJ also offers support for your webshop, email marketing, printing your mailings or brochures, complaints handling, transaction mail, fraud detection, POS material, storage, packing and sending your packages ... and a whole lot more besides.

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Service Bureau Jansen, for whenever you are looking for a solution for:

Wat kunnen wij voor u betekenen?

Uw cash back of cash & refund acties, voorraadbeheer, transport, databeheer, facturatie, printwerk, order entry, direct mail, opvolging, actiemarketing databeheer en uitvoering, de ondersteuning bij uw webshop, e-mailmarketing, het afdrukken van uw mailings of brochures, klachtenafhandeling, transactiemail, fraudedetectie, POS-materiaal, opslaan, inpakken en versturen van uw pakketten ... en nog meer.

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"Lamb Weston® is a world leading brand in high quality potato products, and is sold in over 100 countries around the world. In our dynamic world SBJ provides flexible handling services and high quality delivery solutions that gives us peace of mind."