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Bart Jansen

(Online) promotional marketing & response management

Accurate processing and follow-up of your marketing activities and client data.

Marketing activities

The more you know about your clients, the more specific you can make your (marketing) activities. That adds power to your organisation. However, keeping all that data up-to-date is often something you do not really have time for. The entering of response data may be a big job and one that is too much for you. SBJ can relieve you of this work.

SBJ has been carrying out marketing campaigns for many years. Examples are cash-back campaigns, refunds, recall campaigns, premium campaigns and not-satisfied-money-back campaigns, both in the Netherlands and abroad. SBJ collects the response data by telephoning, writing and by relieving you of all the various facets which would otherwise take up too much of your time.

You or your call centre will always be in direct contact with SBJ, for example via the chat function in the Response Management System (RMS) which we have specially developed for this link. This RMS also offers you real-time insight into your campaigns. In addition, it analyses and reports all the important data which you need in order to draw conclusions or to make adjustments.

If you would like more information, please telephone Mariëlle Jansen on +31 (0)40 290 51 00 or send an email to Mariëlle.

RMS: follow-up to your marketing activities

The Response Management System (RMS) is a unique system that, for example, arranges the back office tasks of your refund campaigns, premium campaigns and similar campaigns which involve separate activities. It can be linked up seamlessly to your own CMS system at your head office and at your dealers.

If you wish, SBJ can also look into the 'front and back' of your campaign, for example when you want to set up a special campaign site. We can build this for you on the basis of your own look & feel and can also take care of all the technical 'back' activities. Outsourcing this to SBJ allows you, for example, to relieve the pressure on your call centre with regard to specific issues, or your complaints procedure.

The possibilities offered by this Service Bureau Jansen link are countless. Simply submit your specific issue to us and we will find a solution which offers you new knowledge and opportunities!

If you would like more information, please telephone +31 (0)40 290 51 00 and ask for Mariëlle Jansen. Alternatively you can send an email to Mariëlle.

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