Printing on Demand & Direct Mail

Printing on demand

Printing of personalised mailings, transaction documents, printing (on demand) of brochures, leaflets, manuals, POS materials and data-driven brochures. In full colour or in black & white, anything is possible. Our printed products are high-quality.

Direct mail

You are interested in organising a mailshot for 100,000 addresses, with a small booklet if possible. Of course it’s possible! We can arrange it for you. We will ensure the mailings are delivered to the correct addresses at the time specified by you. And if a response is required from the addressees, we can also process the return mail. What’s more, we can also look after undeliverable mailings and returns on your behalf.

In het kort: 

  • House-style order platform

  • Flexible and fast implementation

  • Diverse and personalised communication

  • WMS link

  • Dedicated SBJ team

  • Automated workflow and processes 

  • Superior quality, short lead times, KPI

  • Analysis and reporting for forecast, budget, campaigns, optimisation

  • Packaging and distribution

Printing On Demand & Direct Mail - Cases