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Promotional Concepts & visual branding

Promotional Concepts & visual branding

Our 4th link is the specialism for supplying promotional items, corporate gifts and branded clothing to various organizations. Whether you are a small retailer, self-employed, SME organization or a multinational, our team will always carry out the right actions for you.

We develop, produce and deliver all possible promotional products. Items specially designed for you, custom-made or standard stock items with or without your logo or other branding.

In a world with increasing competition, the right promotional package can give the best exposure. Research has shown that promotional items and corporate giveaways, can draw attention to your organization, increase loyalty, brand awareness and have a positive influence on your relationships.

SBJ is aiming to provide the best possible service and quality.

This strong focus on service and quality can be seen in all aspects of our business process and not only in the products we supply. Our operational processes are up to date, with our "value added services" we can help you to develop the right promotional- and marketing action or products. Whether it is a promotional giveaway or the largest promotional merchandise action in your industry, custom-made specials, co-pack action, loyalty programs or end of year gifts, we are at your service.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact Cees Krombeen by calling +31 (0)40 290 51 00 or by mailing to Cees.

Visual branding

Visual branding are the visible elements that give your organization its identity. Whether it is for your promotional or corporate clothing, your signing, printed items and stationery, packaging, POS material or fleet. The right visibility makes a huge difference for your ultimate brand awareness or identity. Our graphic team designs visuals and POS material that hits the right button for your target group. And we go a few steps further: we also assemble,  pack and send your

promotional packages

We can take the entire process out of your hands.

Clients who choose Service Bureau Jansen for their visual branding or POS materials know that quality and service are our top priority. Your branding and visibility are in good hands with us. Our people and partners know what to do.

We work with the best materials and production methods. In addition, our design studio can provide a suitable design. We prefer to chart the entire process for you: from concept design to development, production and delivery. We keep the planning and have tight delivery times. You can entrust us with your corporate identity for all types of logo carriers and your POS material.

If you would like to receive more information, please contact Cees Krombeen by calling +31 (0)40 290 51 00 or by mailing to Cees.

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