This is how our quality is safeguarded and guaranteed


We value your privacy at SBJ and we aim to make our policy clear and transparent for our customers. Also view our privacy policy and our safety measures. In addition, our Information Security Management System (ISMS) is designed to process and manage our customer’s confidential documents and data in an extremely secure environment, 24 hours a day. Our main priorities are confidentiality, availability and integrity.

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ISO Certificering

At Service Bureau Jansen, we feel that security and quality are extremely important. For this reason, we work in accordance with various ISO standards - one of the few companies in our industry to do so.

ISO 9001 (Quality management): In order to safeguard and guarantee the quality of our services and products, we have communicated all our working methods clearly and unambiguously. You can expect us to continuously monitor, analyse and - where possible - improve our internal processes; it is what enables us to guarantee the highest quality.

ISO 27001 (Information security): SBJ works with customers’ confidential data and has therefore submitted to the requirements set by ISO 27001 to organisations with regard to information security. Your confidential data will remain confidential; this is stipulated and documented in every aspect of our processes. We regularly review our security measures and scale up against new external threats whenever necessary.

ISO 14001 (Environmental management): We feel it is important to be as responsible and accountable as possible when it comes to the environment and environmental aspects. For this reason, SBJ has focused on an environmental management system right from the start, a system that is fully integrated into our business operations. We have been committed to sustainable use of paper since 2016, in the form of Paper for Paper.

Paper collected from SBJ is completely recycled into hygiene paper products. It means we save a tree for every full container and we also prevent confidential documents from ending up in the wrong hands, and it allows us to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

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SBJ is not just committed to exploring the possibilities we can offer customers; we are also very aware of the footprint you and we leave on the world. For this reason, we feel that our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays a significant part in everything we do. CSR is embedded in our way of doing business, through ISO, FSC, Paper for Paper, and others.

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We feel it is important for you to have access and insight when it comes to your performance, at any time. The Power BI dashboard enables you to effortlessly define company objectives and monitor your progress. Uncomplicated charts and infographics allow you to see at a glance whether your objectives were achieved and what the possible issues might be. We can discuss the figures with you and help you adjust your course if required. For example: how can we make the work processes more efficient? And where are the gaps in the customer journey? Power BI helps you to work on your KPIs more efficiently.

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