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Bart Jansen

Corporate Social Responsibility

SBJ not only thinks hard about the possibilities it can offer clients, but is also fully aware of the footprint you and we leave behind in the world. For that reason we consider Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to be extremely important. CSR is anchored in the way we do business, for example via ISO, FSC and Paper for Paper.

ISO and Paper for Paper

In addition to Corporate Social Responsibility SBJ also attaches a great deal of importance to security and quality. It was one of the first organisations in this sector to work in accordance with the various ISO standards. In that way you know, as a client, that the assignment you have given to Jansen is in safe and reliable hands. All the requirements which have been drawn up by ISO have been fully integrated into our procedures and working methods. The daily work of all the SBJ colleagues involved is based very deliberately on these requirements.

Which ISO standards are these exactly? What does this mean for you the client?

  • ISO 9001 quality management
    With a view to managing the quality of SBJ services and products, the management has set up and organised a quality management system in accordance with all the requirements of ISO 9001. As a result, all the working methods used within the organisation are clearly and transparently documented. This certification also means that you are assured of the effectiveness of the implementation and management of the processes within SBJ. It guarantees the availability of resources. The processes are monitored, measured, analysed and, where possible, improved. New employees have a rapid insight into the working methods and have a guarantee that work will be carried out in accordance with the statutory and other government obligations. It also means that SBJ is aware of the quality expectations that you, the client, have. We constantly make sure that all the system requirements are fulfilled.

  • ISO 27001 data security
    Information can make or break any company. SBJ works with confidential data from clients and is therefore subject to the data security requirements imposed on organisations by ISO 27001. Knowing that your information is safeguarded in the right way by your operational partner enables you to do business with confidence. Your confidential data will remain confidential and that applies in every facet of our process.

    SBJ complies with all the requirements which ISO 27001 imposes on organisations and safeguards data and ICT processes in the safest possible way. What is more, the security mechanisms are continuously scaled up in response to new exterior threats.

  • ISO 14001 environmental management
    SBJ complies with all the requirements which ISO 14001 imposes on organisations. The organisation believes it is important to be as responsible as possible when dealing with the environment and environmental aspects. For that reason, SBJ has, from the beginning, focused on an environmental management system which is fully integrated into its company operations. Attention is paid to this structurally, just as in the case of all other ISOs.

    According to SBJ, environmental management is the basis for sustainable production. Environmental legislation and regulations contribute substantially to the management of environmental risks. In addition, our aim is to achieve a permanent improvement in our environmental performance. ISO 14001, but also Paper for Paper and FSC, are a guarantee for sustainable business.

  • Paper for Paper
    SBJ joined the Paper for Paper Community in 2016. The objective of the Paper for Paper organisation is the sustainable use of paper. Paper collected from SBJ is recycled for use as sanitary paper. With each full container, SBJ is saving one tree. Recycling paper also helps to keep data secure because it prevents the paper ending up in the street. Sealed roller containers are taken directly to Paper for Paper where it is recycled and then returned to SBJ as sanitary paper. This completes the cycle.

    Every year, SBJ receives an overview of the savings as regards trees, water, CO2 and energy. In this way SBJ can demonstrate that it is a partner that takes its corporate social responsibility seriously.


Bij SBJ waarderen we uw privacy en streven ernaar om ons beleid duidelijk en transparant te maken voor onze klanten. Daarom willen we u laten weten dat we onlangs enkele wijzigingen hebben aangebracht in onze SBJ Privacy Policy.

De SBJ Privacy Policy houdt rekening met de nieuwe vereisten die voortvloeien uit de EU Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming (AVG/GDPR). Deze nieuwe Europese wet inzake gegevensbescherming treedt in werking op 25 mei 2018.

Voor meer informatie, raden we u aan om het volledige Privacy Policy en onze Security Measurements te lezen via onderstaande links.

Als u vragen heeft, kan u contact opnemen met quality@servicebureau.nl

Privacy Policy
Security Measurements

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

At Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ) information security is at the top of the list of priorities. SBJ's ISMS is organised in such a way as to enable confidential data and documents for clients and stakeholders to be processed and managed 24 hours a day.
Within this ISMS, the focus is not only on guaranteeing confidentiality but also on availability and integrity. These are the 3 quality aspects of the ISMS of Service Bureau Jansen:

  • Confidentiality: the degree to which the access to data is limited to just authorised parties.

  • Availability: the degree to which data is available to users at the right moments.

  • Integrity: the degree to which data is correctly entered.

From the start of your partnership with SBJ everything will be accurately recorded and continuously verified. ISO 9001 (quality management) and ISO 27001 (information security) have therefore been fully integrated into SBJ's procedures and methods of working. This means it is extremely easy to verify measures which have been taken to guarantee quality aspects.

ISMS field of application
The ISMS of Service Bureau Jansen has been set up to ensure the security of the information of all stakeholders. The ISMS is applicable to all the business units.

  • Networks

  • LAN management and data storage

  • Infrastructur

  • Workstations

  • Production systems and applications

  • Staff and third parties

Contact about ISMS
If you would like to find out more about the importance of ISMS please contact Bart Jansen by telephoning +31 (0)40 290 51 00 or by sending an email to Bart

Response Management Systeem

RMS: follow-up to your marketing activities
The Response Management System (RMS) is a unique system that, for example, arranges the back office tasks of your refund campaigns, premium campaigns and similar campaigns which involve separate activities. It can be linked up seamlessly to your own CMS system at your head office and at your dealers.

Warehouse Management Systeem

WMS: stock and order management
Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ) has developed its own Warehouse Management System (WMS) that gives you, the client, real-time insight into the status of your order and stock.

Jansen e-logics

By using 'Jansen e-logics', our ICT department can ensure that the RMS and/or WMS links of perfectly with your own system.

Jansen e-logics also ensures that you can gain a rapid insight into all the necessary management details and reports. The reporting tools in Jansen e-logics are structured in such a way that you can properly assess how your campaign is progressing. For example, what sort of effect has your marketing campaign had on sales? Was the budget spent usefully, or can it be used to greater effect somewhere else? Important questions which this system provides answers to.