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Bart Jansen

SBJ is your (linking) partner when it comes to marketing and (after) sales service. SBJ offers support in the field of:

All these elements are linked together, which is why SBJ refers to them as links. They came about after more support was requested in addition to (direct) mailing. SBJ linked with this request from its clients and also started to think about the future. More and more supporting specialists have been recruited and given in-house training.

These days SBJ can rightly claim that each link offers a solution to whatever issue you might be facing in the field of marketing, (after) sales and fulfilment. The SBJ specialists link with you all the time. Each subsequent link again offers new possibilities and solutions.

SBJ as operational partner

Sometimes you have to outsource activities so that you can focus on your core business. This means providing the assistance you need as a trade marketer, or marketing or sales employee. SBJ then acts as your operational partner.

For example, you may want to send 4.000 clients a special mailing, accompanied by a small gift, inserted into the envelope, or perhaps little boxes containing premiums. You may have articles which need to be recalled from private individuals, or you may need help with campaigns whereby clients are refunded some of the purchase amount after they have made the purchase. Alternatively you may have updated your catalogue and are receiving constant requests for the new version. Assistance may also be needed to ensure that invoices, salary slips, policies, etc. are sent to the right people at the right time. These are all examples of links in which SBJ can act as your operational partner.

SBJ as linking partner

Marketing and sales promotions, (reversed) logistics, (e-)fulfilment, (online) promotional marketing & response management, direct mail and print (on demand) − you can outsource all these links to SBJ. In short, we can help with any activities for which you require extra manpower, time, equipment or space.

SBJ can provide support at any point in time, and for all elements, of your project or campaign. As far as we are concerned, anything goes. Shaving Kiwis as a test for shaving machines, delivering a manikin with a PSV shirt to the Ajax stadium − SBJ would be pleased to arrange it for you! From cleaning and repairing devices to recalling products from anywhere in the world and sending out replacements. No matter what the problem is, SBJ is sure to have a solution!

If you would like to find out more about what SBJ you can do for your project or campaign, please contact Mariëlle Jansen by telephoning +31 (0)40 290 51 00 or by emailing to Mariëlle.

Rapid linking

At SBJ we work for a wide variety of clients. We face new challenges each and every day. Our flat organisation structure means we can link quickly and effectively. As a result, our projects go smoothly and we can quickly accommodate new clients.

Linking quickly and effectively is our way of doing business. We have your best interests at heart and provide the service you need wherever and whenever you want. You have a single contact person who is always available for comments or discussions. When we cooperate with you, your method of working will become part of our daily activities. We manage the company processes required for your project as if they were our own.

We attach the same value to 'one-off' projects. One-off projects are just as important and are also the visiting card for the future. We know how important doing business is for you. That is why we adopt the same approach to doing business as you!

Why choose SBJ

If you want to outsource tasks to a partner you, of course, want to know for certain that you have found the right one. Why choose SBJ? Your customer and consumer care is our priority. That is the reason why!

Why choose SBJ? SBJ has the right characteristics. SBJ listens and thinks in terms of solutions. SBJ understands that you want to be assisted quickly, effectively and reliably and that you like the idea of collaborating with a partner who knows what he is talking about.

SBJ is the partner to whom you can outsource your work in every confidence, for digital or paper solutions alike, as well as direct mail or transaction mail, printing a new series of catalogues, or implementing a reward campaign with premiums. We regard every assignment as equally important and make sure they are all carried out with the same level of care. As far as SBJ is concerned, lone independent entrepreneurs are just as important as multinationals. SBJ does not make any distinction between the two. What is important to us is how we can help you.

Core values

Our core values and what these mean for you the client

  • Accurate (precise, punctual): sticking to agreements. We keep to our promises. That is reflected in the quality of our solutions.

  • Committed: we are committed to our clients' business. Our dedication is your added value. We are fully aware of our role in your customer and consumer care. That means that we have an excellent insight into how important our way of working is for you and we also know the value this has for your organisation.

  • Driven: we want you, the client, to be happy with our service at every level. That is why we adopt a proactive approach and do all we possibly can to relieve the burden on you. Given the structured way we work for you and your client, you will scarcely notice we are there.

  • Solution-oriented and innovative: we are fully aware of each other's specialisms and responsibilities. That allows us to offer you an innovative solution for the issue you are facing.

  • Beyond borders: we think in a way which goes beyond borders. By listening carefully and assessing your question we can find an answer which goes beyond the question itself. We immediately realise the benefit you can achieve with one of our other links and advise you accordingly.

  • Active: active does not mean that we force something on you. Active means we fulfil an advisory role in our contacts with you and a stimulating, activating role internally within SBJ.

  • Loyal: all SBJ employees are equally loyal to you and to us. Our employees are only satisfied when you are!

When will you opt for SBJ?

You want to see your national or international marketing and (after) sales activities carried out correctly and you want to be able to trust in a perfect order fulfilment. You are looking for a partner who can implement, who shares ideas when that is desirable and who provides you with the right information at all times. So choose SBJ!

Choose SBJ if you are looking for professional support in the field of sales promotions such as cash-back or cash & refund campaigns, stock management, transport, invoicing, print work, order entry, direct mail and follow-up, promotional marketing, as well as in the field of data management and implementation. Also choose Service Bureau Jansen if you need support with your webshop, email marketing, complaints handling, transaction mail, fraud detection, POS material, storage, packing and sending of your packages.

SBJ can also be your specialist if, for example, you:

  • have to recall (international) products;

  • urgently have to send a special document from one location to another in a way which is reliable and affordable;

  • want to initiate a national advertising campaign which involves clients filling in and mailing discount coupons and want to have a guarantee that this will be done properly.

Other examples of cooperation with SBJ
You want to outsource the invoicing because it takes you too much time, but it still has to be done in accordance with certain regulations. Or you want to increase your stock, but are unable to at your current business location. You want a sparring partner who will help you set up a good campaign - and then one that does actually achieve its target. Or you want to equip all your different offices throughout the country so that no one is ever out of stock.

SBJ: a lot more than just mail and fulfilment
SBJ has always been a mail and fulfilment specialist. Developments in the market and at our clients have ensured that SBJ has continued to scale up. By sharing ideas and by continuing to innovate. By developing and implementing future-oriented solutions. It is in this way that SBJ has managed to develop into the ultimate specialist in the field of customer and consumer care.

There are no limits to the solutions SBJ can offer. Choose SBJ if you need a rapid, effective and accurate solution for a problem that you cannot resolve yourself at that point in time. Also choose SBJ if you want to be sure that you will be paying the agreed amount, without any additional cost items being charged. Also choose SBJ for marketing and (after) sales service in the widest sense of the word. Service Bureau Jansen has all the necessary links in house. SBJ is a discussion partner that listens to your wishes, has your interests at heart and offers you the links you need.

Choose SBJ if you want to link at the highest level. With a pleasant, personal touch, in a way which suits you and your organisation.