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(Online) Campaign marketing

The more you know about your customers, the more targeted your (marketing) promotions can be. A powerful advantage for your organisation. However, recording and keeping track of this data is not something you can just do as an afterthought. Entering response data could be a big project - possibly too big. SBJ would be happy to help and take this extra work off your hands. SBJ has been involved in campaign marketing for many years. We have made a success of cashback promotions, refunds, recalls, premium promotions, and money-back campaigns, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

You or your call centre will always have access to direct contact with SBJ, for instance through the chat functionality in the Response Management System (RMS) which we developed specifically to facilitate this link. This RMS also offers a real-time overview and insight into your promotions and allows for adjustments to ongoing campaigns wherever necessary.


The Response Management System (RMS) is a unique system that includes back office activities related to your refund initiatives, premium promotions and other promotions and offers that require non-standard actions. It can be linked seamlessly to your own CMS system, at your head office and your dealer’s locations.

If required, SBJ can also help with the face and content of your promotion, such as a special promotional website. We can build your special, temporary website and tailor it to your own look & feel, and take charge of the entire technical content. By outsourcing this aspect to SBJ, you relieve your call centre - for instance - of specific tasks and aspects. The possibilities for this link are endless when you work with Service Bureau Jansen. Give us your specific query or requirement and we will come up with a solution that offers you new knowledge and opportunities!

In short:

  • Flexibel and fast implementation

  • Platform with dashboard for insight into campaign progress and seccess 

  • Analysis and reporting for forecast, financial transactions, budget, consumer care, KPI

  • Cross-selling and upselling opportunities

  • Integration with CRM, Marketing Automation, Webshop

  • Back office integration (webhelp, call center, chat,.)

  • WMS link

  • Claer FAQ plus simple explanations and information

  • Fast and clear communication and updates for registration

  • Dedicated SBJ team

Would you like to know what SBJ can do for you in this area? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Call +31 (0)40 290 51 00 and ask for Remy van de Sande. You can also email Remy.

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