Working at SBJ?

Our approach to entrepreneurship

Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ) has its very own, personal style of doing business and running the business. No wonder: we are a family business, after all. Many SBJ employees have been with us for a very long time, but we also enjoy working with new colleagues and young colleagues. It’s how we keep innovation alive at SBJ.

All employees are loyal to SBJ and to our clients - like one big family. We feel responsible for the work we do and we keep our promises.

Deadlines are deadlines, and agreements are honoured. We will always look for the most efficient way to work, whereby we will always prioritise the client’s objective - along with quality.

We are honest too: if something is genuinely impossible, we can’t wave a magic wand to make it happen. This open and frank approach will benefit you more than a company who tries to bend over backwards but only inflates the invoice at the end. You will never be faced with an unpleasant surprise from SBJ. This promise is one of our core values!

Our vision on how to be a good employer

Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ) considers its role as an employer to be one of the most important components of the entire business. SBJ wants employees to be happy and confident. To develop skills that are required, and those that are desired. This means personal development interviews are a regular feature, and these talks form the basis of future plans made by SBJ and the employee. Inspiration and motivation are the ultimate impetus for employee-led entrepreneurship. To encourage employees to proactively develop tactics and strategies that contribute to achieving SBJ’s objectives.

Applying for a position at SBJ

Do you feel the same way about how a company should be run as we do? Are you looking for a new step in your career? SBJ might just be the right place for you.

Make sure you read up and find out about us to discover if our company culture suits you. Are our vision and mission just like your own? Are our core values already in your DNA? If yes, we would love to see your CV and cover letter.

Open application

Are there no vacancies, or no job openings that are suitable for you? If you feel we should get to know you anyway, please don’t hesitate to send us an open application. Let us know what your ambitions are and what type of role you are looking for, what you would like to achieve in this role and why you think that Service Bureau Jansen would be a better place with you there. We are looking forward to hearing from you!