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Bart Jansen

Who is SBJ?

Service Bureau Jansen, referred to by the abbreviation SBJ, has a reputation which goes back many years as a mail and fulfilment specialist. SBJ started out in 1953 in Eindhoven with the support of what was back then Philips Nederland. Philips supplied the first television sets and SBJ was responsible for organising distribution of the TV guides. This first mail assignment signalled the start of a long-term relationship. SBJ is still the preferred supplier when it comes to creating links in the marketing and (after) sales strategy of Philips (International) Personal Health.

More than 60 years' experience

The family business is now run by the third generation of Jansens, and the number of clients has grown to include, among others, Whirlpool, Unilever and Kinderpostzegels. BMW, the Rabobank, Valeo Services and Staples are other examples of companies which are keen to use the knowledge and expertise that SBJ has built up over more than 60 years. SBJ also wants to make this knowledge and expertise available to smaller players in the field. From lone independent entrepreneurs with growing businesses to multinationals: SBJ helps entrepreneurs and organisations achieve their targets. Your customer and consumer care is our priority!

Developments at SBJ

SBJ has continued to develop in response to questions in the market and from clients. The family business has now grown to become a full-service marketing and (after) sales bureau. We can arrange everything from the on-demand printing of catalogues to organising stock which you are no longer able to store yourself and from arranging your complete order processing in your webshop to the (international) recall of products (reversed logistics). From packing and sending special mail packages to organising your exhibition and stand materials (from storage to the exhibition location). SBJ can do it all. SBJ is also keen to help find the most efficient way of managing and executing all these campaigns and activities.

SBJ innovates

With its 60 years' experience, SBJ knows the market like the back of its hand and is always able to think one step ahead. For example, we developed our own Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a Response Management System (RMS) which gives you, the client, real-time insight into how your stock or= campaign is progressing.

Thanks to these systems you have direct contact via a chat function, can view the current status in the case of special dealer campaigns (RMS) and can have the orders delivered, as agreed, right up to the purchaser's door – and reversed if necessary (WMS). By using 'Jansen e-logics', our ICT department can ensure that the RMS and/or WMS links up perfectly with your own system.

In this way you can gain rapid insight into all the required management details and reports. If you wish, Jansen's ICT specialists can set up special campaign sites on your behalf with, of course, a link to all the data needed to execute the campaigns perfectly and also to measure the result.

The reporting tools in Jansen e-logics are structured in such a way that you can properly assess how your campaign is progressing. For example, what sort of effect has your marketing campaign had on sales? Was the budget spent usefully, or can it be used to greater effect somewhere else? Important questions which this system provides answers to. Of course, the RMS and WMS also have even more features which allow you to link quickly whenever necessary.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us for an informal discussion of the possibilities. Telephone +31 (0)40 290 51 00 or send an email to info@servicebureau.nl

The SBJ teams

Depending on the nature of your assignment you will have contact with various teams.

All the logistical aspects of your order are arranged by our order desk. These employees first read your mail and then see to your request. They are the first ones to receive your order in the Warehouse Management System (WMS) and double check everything to make sure that nothing can go wrong. They forward the order to the warehouse where it is picked and made ready for dispatch.

Our order desk can also be used as a back office of your webshop or as an extension of your call centre. None of your clients will notice that they are communicating with SBJ. This outsourcing will relieve the pressure on your call centre.

For all your printing and mail assignments, you should contact the staff of the project bureau. They will ensure that your assignment is executed exactly as agreed. They are also the point of contact if you decide to outsource this work regularly to Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ). They will ensure effective implementation of your project within SBJ.

Your promotional campaigns will be implemented via our service centre, where our staff are at your disposal. They register, implement, analyse and provide feedback. You and your dealers can make contact within thirty seconds via the chat function so that you can immediately discuss the latest developments. The service centre is also responsible for processing and handling all kinds of extra services, such as sending a pass to a new client, or arranging for a letter to be sent at a certain point in time during the contact with your client, or putting in place a complaints procedure.

At our workshop we pack products by machine or manually. Our machines produce 5,000 mailings per hour. Our response time is short and that means we can quickly and correctly make arrangements to ensure that your mailing is at its destination the next morning. Sending envelopes containing a gift involves manual work. In such instances we will fold up your boxes, add the premium and ensure that they are ready for dispatch on time.

The warehouse team is at your disposal throughout the day. The team members make sure that your goods are received correctly and stored safely. They also ensure that the orders are properly prepared and are always delivered to the delivery address on time. Our warehouse team can also help when it comes to storing your stand, marketing or dealer material at SBJ.

SBJ prints whatever has to be printed. On demand. Day in day out the task of our print team is to operate the machines in order to produce mailings, transaction mail, catalogues, brochures and POS material. Your order is monitored carefully and checked from the moment it is delivered until the output. We make sure that your output looks perfect, in accordance with the requirements you have set.

Extra services which set us apart from the rest are repair and refurbish. At SBJ we have a number of product specialists who make your product their own. Defective or damaged products can be returned to SBJ. Our repair and refurbish team verifies, checks, repairs and then reports back to you. In this way you can quickly detect any manufacturing errors, or other issues which can cause problems.

SBJ transport is the transport service operated by Service Bureau Jansen (SBJ). This transport service can be used for rush deliveries or other transport operations. It is one of our extra services which is regularly used to great effect.