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Fulfilment services

As a full-service fulfilment company, we take care of the complete logistics process from sales to delivery of the product to the end customer. This could be a consumer, a company, or an institution. We distinguish ourselves from the large logistics parties by also processing specific wishes and non-standard order flows. This may include assembling parts, special shipping packaging, complex international shipments, special returns processing, supplying pop-up stores, serving starting and growing online stores, extra secure storage locations, exhibition and promotional materials, etc.

Marketing promotions

Thanks to our logistics background and knowledge of e-Commerce, we are very close to the Sales and Marketing process. That is why we also make several specific marketing promotions services available to relieve your marketing department in the practical implementation of promotional marketing. With our campaign platform, a campaign can be set up and executed immediately. Not only to boost sales, but also to collect valuable data around search and purchasing behaviour. Well-known brands such as Miele, Signify, Batavus, Philips and Maxi Cosi make full use of our campaign platform. To boost sales figures and gain better insight into the customer journey and touch points.

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