Loyalty campaigns



SBJ is also the right place when it comes to customer retention. We believe in the importance of nurturing existing relationships and therefore offer extensive loyalty programmes with which you can reward your customers and employees in various ways. Whether it concerns physical or digital products, special discounts or savings systems, SBJ ensures that your customer is valued in a unique way.

Reward the customer, strengthen the brand image

We understand that rewarding customers is not only a sign of appreciation, but also a powerful way to leave a positive impression. Whether you want to reward, acknowledge or compensate a customer, a gift makes your customer feel special. Moreover, it gives a positive boost to your brand image.

Effective loyalty programmes

At SBJ we strive for long-term relationships. Our effective loyalty programmes are designed to bind customers and employees to your brand. We take care of the entire implementation of the programme, so your customer or employee is pleasantly surprised. A unique programme that not only offers rewards, but also responds to customer engagement, or the emotional bond with your brand.

Customer engagement and long-term relationships

That’s why our loyalty programmes focus on customer engagement. By responding to the emotional bond with your brand, we create a strong connection that goes beyond a one-off purchase. This way, customers and employees remain loyal to your brand.

Discover the power of SBJ’s loyalty programmes and invest in long-term relationships with your customers and employees. Contact us and let us strengthen your brand through effective customer retention strategies.

Marketing promotions cases

Be inspired practical cases and discover how successful organisations with ambition achieve higher conversion rates and more consumer insights by implementing their marketing promotions in partnership with SBJ.