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SBJ uses advanced systems to provide you with insight into the status of orders and marketing campaigns. In the past, SBJ decided to develop and manage these systems entirely itself. The rapidly changing market, the required flexibility and level of service demand highly specialised software engineering knowledge and skills. We have therefore chosen to switch to an external partner that specialises in building warehouse management systems. . We have also strengthened our own IT infrastructure with an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). This allows all our internal applications to be linked to all possible applications and databases from external suppliers. This way, SBJ offers the much-needed overview and desired control.


WICS is our newest Warehouse Management Software and one of the best logistics warehouse management systems available on the market. The system has a modular structure so we can add extra functionality, depending on specific customer wishes. WICS can be linked to various ERP systems and eCommerce platforms. We already have a standard connection with Sendcloud, so all possible delivery experiences can be linked. Our clients can place pre-notifications and orders directly and independently via this customer portal. They can also maintain 24/7 insight into their own statuses of orders, stocks and other logistics KPIs.


WMS is the Warehouse Management System we developed ourselves. The continuous development of logistics software has become a specialty in itself. SBJ’s strength is not so much in software engineering, but much more in the application and implementation of logistics processes That is why WMS is being phased out in consultation with our clients and we are switching to WICS. The majority of our customers have already successfully completed the upgrade to WICS.

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