Marketing fulfilment


Efficient logistics for your marketing campaigns

We understand the crucial role of logistics when carrying out marketing campaigns. That is why you can rely on SBJ for flawless handling. From stock management to the shipping of various marketing materials, we offer a complete solution.

Stock management, entry, storage and shipping

Our services include the complete logistics process, including stock management, entry, storage and shipping of all your marketing materials. Whether it concerns leaflets, brochures, sales promotion gifts, business gifts, product samples or materials for trade fairs and exhibitions, we have them in stock and deliver them according to your wishes.

From personalised shipping to bulk delivery to various locations

We go further than just logistics. SBJ provides personalised mailings to end consumers and delivers products to pop-up stores, head offices, local branches, participating stores or exhibition venues. And we do this not only locally, but throughout Europe. Your marketing materials will reach the right destination in time and in perfect condition.

From production to delivery: we take over

SBJ understands that you want to focus on positioning and marketing strategy. That’s what you specialise in. That’s what you specialise in.

That is why we not only take care of the logistics, but we also arrange the production of your marketing materials if desired. This allows you to remain fully focused on the success of your brand.

In short, choose Service Bureau Jansen as a partner in marketing fulfilment and distribution. We make logistics processes more efficient, reliable and effective. 

Do yourself a favour and schedule a no-obligation appointment with one of our colleagues. We are happy to submit ideas for a tailor-made solution that meets your unique needs. To do this, click on the red Make an appointment button.

Aanwijzing marketing fulfilment

Fulfilment cases

Be inspired by practical cases and discover how successful organisations with ambition achieve more by outsourcing fulfilment in whole or in part to SBJ.