Fulfilment services



As a full-service fulfilment company, we take care of the complete logistics process from sales to delivery of the product to the end customer. This could be a consumer, a company, or an institution. We distinguish ourselves from the large logistics parties by also processing specific wishes and non-standard order flows. This may include assembling parts, special shipping packaging, complex international shipments, special returns processing, supplying pop-up stores, serving starting and growing online stores, extra secure storage locations, managing and delivering exhibition and promotional materials to event locations, etc.

We distinguish four main services:

Marketing Fulfilment

We take care of promoting your marketing. This starts with the complete logistical handling of marketing campaigns. From producing, storing, packaging and shipping promotional materials and other products to sending your mailings and setting up cashback, loyalty and product-plus promotions. A secure login to the customer portal gives you an instant insight into the status of orders and ongoing marketing campaigns.

Logistics fulfilment

We offer an extensive range of standard services for entry, warehousing, order picking, packaging and shipping of goods, including secure storage and access control. When looking for a new partner for the storage, packaging and shipping of your products to end customers, resellers or wholesalers, it is essential to select a partner with extensive knowledge and experience in planning, managing and executing logistics processes. Our company has significant stock capacity, expertise in both B2B and B2C deliveries, repackaging facilities, advanced automated workflows and a highly committed team that works with both automated and manual solutions.

e-Fulfilment plus

By e-fulfilment we mean the complete handling of online store orders. The Plus stands for the additional services we offer. Deviating packaging, adding promotional materials, online customer service, special transport, testing products, etc. We not only come up with ideas when it comes to optimising the customer experience, we also implement it for you.

Return, refund, repair

Returns handling is part of the normal fulfilment process. Still, we have designated it as a separate service, because SBJ starts where the returns process ends for others. 

Solid returns processing with clear agreements that are carried out quickly forms the basis for customer satisfaction and a higher percentage of repeat purchases from consumers. SBJ therefore believes it is essential that this process is fully facilitated. Not just receiving the returned goods and transferring the purchase amount or resending a product. Every return shipment is checked, analysed and, if necessary, tested for errors. We check and process regret purchases, claim notices, dead-on-arrival returns and other product defects. Depending on the outcome and specific delivery conditions, we will refund the purchase price, send a new product or ensure the product is repaired and returned online and/or in the retail channel. For some products, we even take care of the specific and different logistics to a refurbishment party and subsequent new orders via other market channels. This way, we keep the consumer satisfied, contribute to a more sustainable distribution process and keep the total costs of the returns process at the lowest possible level for manufacturers, distributors or webshop owners.

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