Logistics fulfilment


Fulfilment, e-Logistics and warehousing expertise

Discover SBJ’s extensive services in the fields of fulfilment, E-fulfilment, E-commerce fulfilment, E-logistics marketing, and warehousing. We offer a wide range of standard services for entry, warehousing, order picking, packaging and shipping of goods, as well as secure storage and access control.

The right partner for your goods flows

When looking for a partner for storage, packaging, repackaging and shipping of products, you often come across terms such as fulfilment, E-fulfilment, E-commerce fulfilment, E-logistics marketing, fulfilment, warehousing and reversed logistics. It is essential to choose a partner with proven knowledge and experience in planning, managing and executing goods flows.

Why opt for SBJ?

Experienced and reliable services

SBJ not only offers large stock capacity, but also expertise in B2B and B2C deliveries, repackaging facilities and advanced automated workflows. Our team combines automation with human power for efficient solutions.

Successful partnerships

As we work with well-known clients and successful online stores, resellers and consignment partners, we understand the needs of various companies when it comes to efficiently managing goods flows.

Logistieke fulfilment

Fulfilment cases

Be inspired by practical cases and discover how successful organisations with ambition achieve more by outsourcing fulfilment in whole or in part to SBJ.