Marketing Promotions

By producing and selling bicycles, bicycle parts and accessories, the Accell Group is the European market leader in the field of e-bikes and number two in bicycle parts and accessories. Well-known brands of the group include Batavus, KOGA, SPARTA Haibike, Winora, Ghost, Lapierre, Raleigh, Babboe, Comet and Carqon. XLC is the brand for bicycle parts and accessories. These products and brands are sold to dealers and consumers in more than 80 countries. A global player in the bicycle market. A global player in the bicycle market.

After a first successful cashback campaign with Batavus, more and more Accell Group brands are finding their way to SBJ to set up and execute cashback campaigns. Not only in the Netherlands, but also in countries such as Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Finland and Belgium. Full use is made of our complete range of expertise:

  • Advice on approach, communication and use of touchpoint
  • Build and management of online campaign environment
  • Design and production of banners for online marketing applications
  • Design, production and distribution of in-store promotional materials to the retail channel
  • Data capture and validation of participants
  • Content creation online flows of the cashback process
  • Live dashboards of the campaigns for the marketing teams of the different brands
  • Payment of cashback amounts to validated end consumers
  • Campaign and trend analyses
  • Evaluation process and optimisation advice for new campaigns


Working on a new product launch? Want to boost the sales of an existing product? Turn customers into ambassadors by giving them an extra reward? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your products or services without obligation.


Be inspired by practice and discover how successful organizations with ambition achieve more results by outsourcing fulfillment and marketing promotions in whole or in part to SBJ.