Flexineb Nederland, supplier of a special nebuliser for horses, has decided to entrust SBJ with its online store logistics and 1st -line customer service. Once again, e-fulfilment has a big plus and clearly goes further than just entry, storage, packaging and shipping. In addition to the nebuliser itself – the main product that is available in various colours – the range consists of numerous accessories, cleaning products, sprays, liquids and other medications. The target groups are professionals such as vets, riding schools and group practices, as well as consumers.

Especially when it comes to products related to health and recovery, it is important that each specific target group is properly informed about application, use and maintenance. We therefore ensure that the correct documentation is added to each individual order and that any bottles of liquid to be supplied are safely and securely packed in the shipping case. The orders are then prepared for shipment and delivered to the end customer according to SBJ’s shipping contract.

The entire IT integration with the eCommerce environment and connection with the invoicing flow, which differs per type of customer, is of course handled correctly.

To complete the service, we also take on an important part of customer service. The technical and procedural analysis and processing of returns right up to 1st -line digital customer service is taken up by SBJ. Only the more complex, medical and/or technical issues are tackled by Flexineb’s experts.

This enables the client to fully focus on product development and delivery programme, while we do what we’re good at.


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