From packaging design to distribution: Grohe opts for processing at lightning speed

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Grohe has been a pioneer in the industry of taps and sanitary systems since 1936. Superior product quality and sleek design are key for the multinational, originally established in Germany. This is how Grohe distinguishes itself from its competitors, and why large numbers of kitchens and bathrooms in the Netherlands feature Grohe products. They recently launched the innovative 3-in-1 boiling water tap. Of course, this premium product line demands premium packaging, with a sophisticated and ingenious look that befits the product experience. SBJ was approached to design the product casing and set up its distribution process.

a comprehensive solution in no time

Grohe is considering outsourcing part of the design and distribution process for the Dutch, Belgian and French markets. Great strides in efficiency and significant cost-savings are possible when design, printing and distribution are all under one roof: the power of SBJ. There were also some very specific time constraints for this product. Resolute action was important to maintain the original schedule. Working with SBJ means working with a single point of contact, a person who can oversee both the design aspects and the logistics elements. All in all, a much faster process.

Design it, print it, wrap it up in a little bow

This project focused on the specific importance of an alignment between the packaging design and the product design. A solid, high-quality tap deserves a dazzling box. In addition, the packaging had to suit Grohe’s well-known visual identity. We carried out thorough preliminary research and used it to create a design. The final result is in line with the strict Grohe branding guidelines and fits seamlessly in with the existing product range.

A streamlined and all-in-one distribution process

After approval for the final design, the printing press at SBJ starts to roll. The taps are meticulously packaged and efficiently bundled. After this, SBJ also takes care of the remaining steps of the distribution process, all the way to the shops. From printing to distribution: Grohe can trust our results without actually having to worry at all. SBJ is more than happy to take over the specialised and time-consuming tasks and meet every requirement.