Makita opts for successful campaign marketing, even in turbulent times

Makita | Premium campaign

Campaign marketing | Response management

The more you know about your customers, the more targeted your (marketing) promotions can be. A powerful advantage for your organisation. Nonetheless, monitoring all these data is a time-consuming task. Entering and checking information could be a big project (possibly too big). SBJ helps a variety of large multinationals, including Makita, to launch and process premium promotions. Makita has various marketing campaigns on the go throughout the year, both for the B2C market and the B2B market. The promotions usually offer a free accessory with the purchase of a Makita product. SBJ looks after the online infrastructure of these offers, and manages the response management, customer service and the dispatch of the premium products.

SBJ completes your marketing promotions

SBJ devised a special promotional site for Makita, entirely in the company’s own look-and-feel. Customers or dealers are invited to register on this promotional page to claim the premium product. As soon as a customer registers, he or she immediately receives an e-mail from our Response Management System (RMS) with additional information on registration progress. One of our employees checks the details, and the order is automatically prepared and dispatched: SBJ manages every detail of the campaign.

Outsourcing your customer service SBJ has the expertise

SBJ also takes on a customer service role during ongoing Makita promotions. Customers who use the contact e-mail or telephone number given for support relating to the promotion are directly forwarded to SBJ team members. It means the pressure and workload for Makita’s own customer service and call centre is reduced and customers receive a fast and relevant response.

Flexible upscaling, even in times of crisis

The recent Coronavirus crisis has meant a significant dip in sales and turnover for many industries. However, the DIY sector saw their sales figures rise exponentially, because many consumers started using their free time to do jobs in and around the home. As a result, the ongoing Makita premium promotion has proved to be one of the most successful campaigns in SBJ’s long history. The volume of requests we received made it necessary to act fast and temporarily scale up our capacity to meet demand, and we are proud to say we managed to process each registration on time. Makita now have first-hand experience of the power of a great marketing campaign!