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Campaign marketing | Response management

SBJ cherishes its warm relationship with Philips Benelux. The collaboration between both companies dates back all the way to 1953, when most of SBJ’s work for Philips involved its brand new mail-order activities. Nowadays, a large part of our support for Philips involves campaign marketing and response management. We manage cashback promises, recalls and premium promotions, from registration right up to credit payment or the dispatch of the premium product. Please see the Philips promotions page for a list of our current campaigns.

SBJ instils confidence and trust

As soon as a customer registers via the Philips promotions page, SBJ takes over and starts communications with the customer via e-mail. As we communicate on behalf of our client and adhere strictly to the client’s corporate style, customers will always perceive the communication to originate from Philips. We manage several countries and language areas for Philips. Our systems have been designed in such a way that the customer receives our communications in his own language every time, creating a sense of trust that Philips always has their best interests at heart.

SBJ takes a backseat approach to monitoring and communicates proactively

SBJ acts as a robust back office for Philips Benelux. When Philips employees receive specific questions about any current promotions, they can use the RMS to connect with one of our SBJ colleagues immediately. We aim to respond within 30 seconds, so that the Philips employee can resolve the customer’s query there and then. SBJ also processes the customer registrations. When a cashback request or premium request is submitted, SBJ carries out fraud detection checks, processes payments and dispatches, and keeps the customer informed via our own Response Management System (RMS). It is our way of helping to carry the workload of the customer service team at Philips.

Result-oriented campaigns with an eye for data

Once a promotional campaign is launched, we monitor all resulting data. We continuously analyse the information on ongoing offers and scale up our capacity where needed. We also provide Philips with the return-on-investment calculations, map the main demographical data of the participating customers and look at how the retailers involved are performing. Thanks to this expertise, SBJ is asked to act as an advisor for the planning and devising of new campaigns. The possibilities for this link are endless when you work with Service Bureau Jansen. Give us your specific query or requirement and we will create a solution that offers you new knowledge and opportunities!