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Signify (previously Philips Lighting) is the global market leader in energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services. Whether the lighting is in public spaces, in your workplace or in your home, Signify can always offer a suitable and creative solution. After many years of successful logistics and product delivery collaboration with founding member SBJ, SBJ was approached to devise a web solution. Together with our SPACE32 partner Appart, we supplied a customised payment environment that offered Signify customers a quick, secure and easy one-off upgrade of their products.

‘Early adopters’ are rewarded wth upgrade discount

The well-known Philips Hue system is an innovation that allows customers to operate their lights easily and quickly using their smartphone or voice commands. The main element here is the ‘bridge’: literally and figuratively the link connecting all individual lamps. The second version of the bridge is just around the corner and offers even more functionalities than the first. Signify wishes to reward all the interested early birds who are happy with the ‘old’ bridge, by offering a discount for the new version. However, this involves some technical difficulties.

A seemly simple webshop with many implications

A webshop featuring a single product only - it couldn’t be simpler, right? Think again, this specific webshop has to meet quite a few requirements. Firstly, all existing customers (and only the existing customers) should be invited to order a new bridge from the restricted webshop. Then, the various systems and databases have to be linked, so that only one new bridge can be ordered for every old one. All these functionalities are not standard included in the Magento webshop platform. A custom platform was needed.

A fast and secure payment portal that optimises the customer journey

After a brief problem analysis, we built an all-in-one solution with a simple account creation process for customers that enabled them to buy the relevant product. Payments are made through the secure, integrated and superfast Magento payment services. The result: the mini webshop is a perfect extension of this discount campaign, without obstructing the existing online infrastructure. In addition, Signify achieves another key objective: the customer journey is revived. Rewarding existing customers means that they reacquaint themselves with Signify, with new sales opportunities as a result. Upselling at its most effective, thanks to the persuasive and no-nonsense webshop environment.