Promotional concepting for Vobra: from idea to product

Vobra | Promotional concept

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Vobra Special Petfoods is a Dutch family business specialised in the production of dog food and cat food. Their own brand CaroCroc is synonymous with good-quality kibble at an honest price. The pet food is produced at their own Dutch factory in Veghel, which also houses a research department. It’s how Vobra can focus on the quality of its products and turn out ‘Dutch delicacies for dogs and cats’ every day. Vobra asked SBJ to get involved in the thought process for the development of a new CaroCroc giveaway. The result is a fun and typically Dutch food bowl that’s become a real must-have for the pet parents.

Concept, design and production all under one roof

Vobra was looking for a partner who could realise all aspects of their giveaway - design, product development and production. They found their perfect match in SBJ: all the required qualities plus solid logistics expertise. By using SBJ’s exacting efficiency and short lines of communication with just one point of contact, the project got off the ground fast. The many years of experience with promotional items and merchandise allow SBJ to launch an all-encompassing promotion in no time.

SBJ remembers the details

During the brainstorming phase, it was decided that the giveaway should be a bright and cheerful food bowl. Vobra supplied the artwork, SBJ readied the ultra-Dutch design for printing. We also researched the available production materials and made sure the client’s extra requirements were honoured. For example, it was important that the food bowl was made available in two sizes: one for dogs and one for cats. The design also took into account transportation of the product. ‘Air freight’ is expensive, so the shape of the bowls allows for compact stacking.

The project is more than just the product

After the production phase is complete, SBJ also manages the subsequent processes: from storage to distribution to the end user. We are proud of the products we make, and we are even more interested in the results they can achieve for our clients. We not only offer support for the product design and production, but we specifically focus on the marketing aspect too. We helped Vobra launch the premium campaigns for the food bowls and assessed the possibilities for adding other products to the ‘ultra-Dutch’ range. This will allow Vobra to build the CaroCroc brand and transforms their customers into real pet food ambassadors. Now there’s a dog’s dinner like no other!