KINDERPOSTZEGELS (Children’s stamps)


Every year, more than 100,000 children go door to door to sell so-called kinderpostzegels (stamps sold to benefit children), special cards and other fun items. The proceeds from this stamp campaign go to children who need support due to loneliness, poverty or problems at home. As a result, they do not get time to learn and cannot develop optimally.

SBJ has been providing fulfilment for teachers, students and customers for many years In concrete terms this means that:

  • We compile and send information packs with order forms, posters, filled sales folders, door stamps, information sheets for teachers and group cards for around 6,000 groups.
  • • From the end of September, we assemble, address and send each unique and individual customer order, in all possible variants, in a neat shipping parcel directly to the customer.

Thanks to good preparations, automated data processing, professional production facilities and meticulous manual work by our employees, the entire fulfilment process always runs smoothly. We are proud that SBJ can work for such a special client as Kinderpostzegels.

Working on your own door-to-door promotions and could use some logistical support? We are happy to discuss the possibilities for your products or services without obligation.



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